Gut Healing Session


Who is this for?

Are you having issues with your digestion?

  • Do you suffer with constipation or diarrhoea

  • Are you bloated all the time?

  • Have constant brain fog

  • Diagnosed with IBS or SIBO, stomach ulcers

  • Fatigued 
with skin issues


If you have any of the above I can help you heal with an amazing gut protocol

What can you expect

  • A tried and tested protocol - I am the proof of the pudding

  • Guidance, support and an empowering coach

  • Gut-brain connection education

  • Radically improved mood

  • Increased energy

  • More mental clarity

  • Long term relief from your pain and suffering

What Is Included

  • 60 minute 1-2-1 session

  • Nutritional supplement recommendations

  • Gut protocol and process

  • Nutritional advice

Per session cost £149.00 

Ocean Rocks

It made me think about what was going in, where it had come from and how things were making me feel
Elizabeth Hunt