Functional Nutrition


What is Functional Nutrition?

Let me explain what functional nutrition is, it is the same as functional medicine if you’ve heard of that.

So, if you are suffering from certain symptoms, chronic disease, illness or you’ve had a diagnosis and you’re not healing you would come to me. As a practitioner, we work out what’s going on in the body, by probing, tracking and investigating.

We look at the whole picture by looking at your whole health history. We unravel every detail to fully understand your story and then start connecting the dots to help you heal naturally.

You can go to your doctor, yes but there’s a gap in the healthcare system, the GP’s are doing a great job but they are overworked and don’t have the time to dedicate to fully understand their patients. This is where a Functional Nutrition practitioner comes in. We fill the gap by spending the time to fully understand the client's signs and symptoms by getting to the root cause of what is being presented.

Food is part of the stimulus, but how that stimulus responds inside your body is something we need to learn and understand. And that’s where I get to play the detective of what’s going on in there by using three different tools.

  • In-depth Intake Form and Intake Process

  • Functional Matrix

  • Functional Timeline

Once I have gathered all the information I will come back with a treatment plan.

Every treatment will be different due to everyone’s bio-individuality, there’s no one-size-fits-all protocol or a magic pill you take. So if someone is presenting with the same symptoms they won’t necessarily get the same treatment. As the road that got them there could be very different. One physiological system in the body affects others, so it would mean clearing the muddy waters to see into the terrain to work out the best solution.

Do you want to heal or come off your medication maybe?


If you want to know more send me a message, I’d love to help.


It helped me look at my life and gave me the confidence and motivation to make the changes I needed to action my goals

Lisa Smith