Corporate Well-being Talks


Two Hour Well-being Workshop

New for 2022, a two-part well-being workshop for institutions looking to support physical, mental and emotional health by teaching efficient self-care techniques that support wellbeing from the inside out. 

We are experienced in sharing self-care practices with groups, going further than simple mindfulness, to improve energy levels, focus, productivity, mood, creativity and problem solving – working together to really create a firm foundation of the mindset for efficient and effective team working as well as an enthusiastic workplace culture.

Each participant will come away from our talks and demonstrations with the tools to support themselves and importantly, feeling empowered and motivated to use these tools successfully.

What participants will take away with them

Self Care: Knowing Your Worth with Dr Samantha Wellappili

  • Simple techniques to use to switch the body from fight, flight or freeze mode to rest, digest and heal

  • How self-care has a direct impact on our creativity, problem-solving as well as our mood and ability to connect meaningfully to others, as well as our long term health 

  • An understanding of the value of daily self-care and how it feeds resilience which reduces the risk of burnout

  • A profound state of relaxation and connection by taking part in a deep meditation experience using ancient yogic breathing techniques and visualisation

Gut Health and Anxiety with Starna Forster


  • Clarity around of the gut-brain connection and how the gut and microbiome is central to all the functions of the body including our mental and emotional health

  • Understanding of the vagus nerve, the biggest nerve in the body and how we can leverage it's function 

  • Easy tools and solutions for gut health to support anxiety to take home and use straight away!

Meet The Team


Starna Forster

I truly believe that everyone can heal and fully thrive if we invest in ourselves, you do not need to suffer. I have worked with many clients over the years to help them with their gut health and I specifically created a six-week programme for women which incorporates six key modules that helped me to get to that place of optimal health where I feel better than ever. My philosophy is all about cultivating more joy and planting new seeds for growth and wholeness as opposed to seeing ourselves as broken. When we embody this attitude, the seeds will blossom, and the weeds will naturally die. I have nothing but compassion for my clients as I have healed, and you can too!

Furthermore, Starna is a Brand Ambassador for Oxy8 Wellness.

samantha W.png

Samantha Wellappili

A GP with a specialist interest in Lifestyle Medicine, Samantha has undertaken additional post-graduate studies in Nutritional therapy, Yoga therapy and is a coach and meditation teacher.

She is an author and speaker and is passionate about teaching methods that bring balance back into the physical, mental and emotional levels so that each one of us can reach our deeper potential, find purpose and resilience and be more productive to enjoy a harmonious work and home life.

Samantha recognised a personal, deep need for self-care as a daily practise early on in her demanding career and took a sabbatical to explore ancient methods in India and Thailand for balance in the body and mind.  This ancient wisdom has stood the test of time and lays a foundation for the modern evidence-based methods we know today. Using a combination of these schools of thought, she has spent time mentoring junior medical colleagues and peers providing the support needed to create a nourishing foundation of self-care to inspire greater focus, motivation and creativity for a long and fruitful career.

Samantha is also Lifestyle Medicine Lead for Boots Online Doctor.

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