My Journey


​Hi, I'm Starna, a Health and Empowerment Coach. I specialize in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by inspiring my clients to become the best version of themselves.  I provide the right system, support and accountability so you can transform in all areas of your life.

For many years growing up I suffered with acute anxiety, it was a daily part of my life. It hindered me so much I was a nervous wreck.  I had constant brain fog, lacked confidence, low mood, no energy and ongoing digestion issues. I felt all over the place, I would be running on empty from lack of sleep, my adrenals were over worked and I felt like I was half living.


This all changed when I started to invest in myself, I really started to focus on all things health and wellness and tried and tested a million and one things to get me out of that state. However bad you are feeling there is always a way out, there’s so much out there to help ourselves. It may not be ill-health you are suffering with it might be that you are feeling demotivated and uninspired with your current situation or you just need a complete overhaul mentally and physically.


I can help you! I have worked with many people over the years and I have turned my life around and no longer suffer with the levels of anxiety I had before if at all, I sleep well and I love the life I live because I put the work in. Working with me will not entail all the work that I did but I have the knowledge and tools to get you where you want to be so you can finally start living authentically and aligned with a wonderful life you so deserve.

It is my absolute passion to lift others up and inspire you to take complete control of your life. Life can be difficult at times and overwhelming, I’m here to guide you through a process to truly enlighten you to make the right choices and to master habit change.


We can work together to increase your confidence so you can start taking aligned action and start FULLY living and feeling alive with a life that sets your soul on fire.

Book in for your breakthrough chat – you owe it to yourself!