Who is this for?

  • A 6-week 1-2-1 health and empowerment coaching programme for women

  • Do you want to glow from the inside out?

  • Do you want to feel more alive?

  • Do you want to love the skin you’re in?

  • Do you want to live a more purposeful life?

  • Do you feel stuck and are ready to transform?

  • Are you looking for some direction and don’t know where to start?


If so this 6 week programme is for you!


What can you expect!

This 6-week health and empowerment programme focusses on mind, body and soul so you can truly shine and thrive with more self-awareness, confidence, clarity and better health.

This programme will assist you in helping you understand all aspects of yourself so you can feel more connected to your true essence.

Working on your mind and health will help you discover your best self.

You will be inspired to create positive habit change which will get you on the right path to loving the life you live.

If you’re ready for change, you want to feel your absolute best but you’re struggling to get there I can help kick-start the process for long term transformation. In 6 weeks you could turn your life around!

Does this sound good?

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Get Your Glow On

Week 1 – Your big vision, What's covered, prep, goal setting, your BIG Why

Week 2 – Mindset – letting go of self-limiting beliefs, your motivation for change, building self confidence

Week 3 – Health – Are you presenting with ill health, any signs or symptoms? Struggling to lose weight? This session will be a road map to optimal health and vibrancy. Seeing food as medicine, option to do the two-week detox programme or gut healing session for lasting change which will have you looking and feeling incredible

Week 4 – Building positive habits for the soul – self care & understanding masculine & feminine energy

Week 5 – Connecting mind, body & soul as a whole – The Wheel of Life

Week 6 – Keeping up momentum, resilience & reflection

I am offering the programme at an introductory price of £349 which can be paid in two easy instalments.

Programme Content