What People Say

Beth S – Get Your Glow On

I completed the Get Your Glow On program. At the start, Starna told me the aim of the program was to help me reclaim your power, confidence, energy and health by becoming your best self. It did exactly that and more! When I started the program, I was at a bit of a crossroads in my life, not really knowing what do to career-wise and where I wanted to be personally. By the end of the program, I had secured a new job, had a better understanding of myself and had made healthy habits part of my daily routine. Starna has an excellent understanding of all things body and mind and helps you build confidence and change your mindset to get rid of self-limiting beliefs. I'm now feeling empowered, confident and ready for the next chapter in my life. Thank you Starna!

Kaye Walsh – Detox

To anyone who is toying with the idea of doing a cleanse......don’t wait!!! Starna helped me to understand my gut and gave me the tools to heal!! I am feeling in control and finally understanding how poorly my gut had become. Starna was always there at the end of the phone for advice but mostly checking in with me to offer support and positivity. So thankful I gave it a go.Thank you Starna

Danielle Gaynor – Spring Cleanse

The Journey to Vitality program is a great motivator for getting back into good health.  The nutrition and yoga elements complement each other perfectly, and both Starna and Nicole are clearly dedicated to helping their clients achieve the best results. The are supportive and tailor their advice to different levels of fitness and knowledge. For me an unexpected benefit of the program was vastly improved sleep and rest, which has been a real problem for me over the past year.  I also feel that my energy levels are much more stable and my mind is clearer than before starting the program.  I have appreciated these benefits so much that I have felt motivated to carry on what I have started with better eating and exercise habits, which had really fallen apart over this past year with the pandemic.So a massive thanks to Nicole and Starna!

Elizabeth Hunt – Spring Cleanse

I wanted to take the time to thank you both for a wonderfully put together and kind Journey to Vitality.  It’s given me a reset and although I probably didn’t follow it to the letter it made me think about what was going in, where it had come from and how things were making me feel.  That coupled with your yoga Nicole has kept me going over the last three weeks – I’m going to miss it.

Jenny Ragan – Spring Cleanse

Thanks to you both for the last few weeks . I definitely now have a different relationship with food and drink . Once I had overcome the headaches in week one I had more energy and felt in control of what I was eating (no more cans of coke and chocolate). As a family we now eat healthier and find Mindful Chef ( 3 times a week ) a great help. No gluten /dairy . So thanks. I will continue with yoga and homemade veg soup.

Lisa Smith – Spring Cleanse

I really enjoyed this detox. I feel great! Energised and clear headed. My bloating and stomach issues have gone and I’ve lost half a stone! Starna and Nicole have been very supportive and inspiring throughout. The yoga has been amazing and dietary advice has been very informative. What a difference eating this way and taking care of yourself makes you feel. It’s definitely helped me get through this lockdown in a more positive and healthy way.

Lisa Smith – Get Your Glow On

I found Starna's 'Get Your Glow On' program really useful and inspiring. It helped me take a step back and look at my life and give me the confidence and motivation to make the changes I needed, to action my goals. I would highly recommend this programme.

Maxine Forster – Gut Session

Starna is very knowledgeable about the link between the gut and the impact it has on your physical and mental wellbeing. The type of treatment offered is individually tailored to suit your requirements. If you are sick of feeling the way you do it’s worth exploring for sure!

Jess Smith – Get Your Glow On

An inspiring & motivating six week program which has taught me so much about myself. It's taught me to make time, have confidence, be more positive and how to stay healthy. I've learnt a whole new language! I feel transformed!

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